BioFlo DuraMax Dialysis Catheter with Endexo Technology


Proven to Minimize Thrombus Accumulation, In Vitro.

The BioFlo DuraMax chronic dialysis catheter features Endexo* Technology, a catheter material more resistant to thrombus accumulation, in-vitro, compared to conventional non-coated dialysis catheters tested (based on platelet count).1 The BioFlo DuraMax dialysis catheter also provides optimal ease of insertion and high flow rates at modest arterial pressure.

Catheter has minimal visible thrombus, fibrin sheath, or clot.2,3

Endexo Technology

Endexo Technology is permanent, non-eluting polymer “blended” into the polyurethane from which the catheter is made. The polymer is present throughout the catheter, including the extraluminal and intraluminal surfaces, and remains present for the life of the catheter.

Results of an in-vivo sheep study during 31 day indwelling time demonstrated that the BioFlo DuraMax dialysis catheter has thromboresistance characteristics comparable to the Palindrome H hemodialysis catheter.

More Options for Improved Patient Care

  • VascPak kit configurations for vascular access centers
  • SafeSheath D-Pro* double valve and EmboSafe single valve peel-away sheaths provide safety and security of hemostatic access and reduce the risk
    of air embolism.
  1. The reduction in thrombus accumulation (based on platelet count) is supported by acute in-vitro testing. Pre-clinical in-vitro evaluations do not necessarily predict clinical performance with respect to thrombus formation.
  2. Based on benchtop testing up to two hours using bovine blood which may not be indicative of clinical results.
  3. Data on file
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