NanoKnife 3.0 System


The NanoKnife System gives a physician the ability to sculpt and control the ablation zone through a variety of electrode configurations.1 IRE effectively destroys the targeted tissue and gives you precise treatment margins resulting in confident treatment coverage for your procedure.4,5


The procedure spares vital structures by retaining the structural integrity of the targeted tissue.2,3 The delivery of non-thermal energy allows for the preservation of the extra-cellular matrix, facilitating post-ablation, histological and functional tissue regeneration.2,3


Multiple electrode configurations, coupled with a unique mechanism of action, allow the device to be used in all segments of an organ to optimize treatment delivery.2 Electrodes can be confidently placed near vital structures, maximizing your ability to personalize treatment to your patient’s anatomy.4,5


AngioDynamics is sponsoring two key FDA-approved studies, DIRECT and PRESERVE.

The DIRECT study, sponsored by AngioDynamics, Inc., is an FDA-approved clinical study that is evaluating the effectiveness of IRE technology for the treatment of stage III pancreatic cancer. To learn more about the study and participating doctors, visit

The PRESERVE study, initiated by AngioDynamics, Inc. in partnership with SUO-CTC, will evaluate the use of the NanoKnife System as a focal therapy option for prostate cancer patients. It will assess the safety and effectiveness of the device when used to ablate prostate tissue in intermediate-risk prostate cancer patients. To learn more about the study and participating doctors

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