EKOS™ Control Unit 4.0 (EKOS™ CU 4.0) offers new functionality and workflow-based intelligence for EKOS™ devices both at the procedure table and in the ICU. It is a critical part of the EKOS™ system that continues to break new ground in PEDVT and PAO treatment.

EKOS CU 4.0 is the result of extensive collaboration with our clinician partners to improve every step of the EKOS™ therapy experience to support your team's ability to perform at it's highest level making workflow easier and more integrated from the lab to ICU.

New features of the EKOS CU 4.0 include an interactive color touchscreen, a built-in battery and separate ports for managing two EKOS™ devices simultaneously, simplifying bilateral treatment of pulmonary embolism (PE) and deep vein thrombosis (DVT).


cu 4.0

 * EKOSCU 4.0 cart

Bilateral PE treatment, simplified

  • Manages two EKOS™ Devices at once with A/B channels and easy-to-read screens for bilateral PE and DVT Acoustic Pulse Thrombolysis™ treatment.
  • Small, lightweight and portable allowing easy integration into hospital workflow.
  • Speeds set-up time with easy to follow on-screen step-by-step prompts.
  • Intelligent on-screen trouble-shooting tells you where the issue is and how to correct it.
  • Built in battery makes it easier to transport patients from the Lab with zero interruption in therapy.


EKOS CU 4.0 will run all EKOS devices currently run by the PT-3B Control Unit. 

EKOS  CU 4.0 still uses the Acoustic Pulse Thrombolysis™ technology, it delivers the power to generate the acoustic pulse field to thin and separate the fibrin and drive the clot-dissolving drug deep inside the clot.

Acoustic Pulse Thrombolysis Treatment

  • Speeds time-to-clot dissolution.
  • Increases thrombus removal and clinical improvement compared to either standard, Catheter-Directed Therapy (CDT) or thrombectomy
  • Lowers the risk of bleeding and other complications.

More Effective Drug Delivery

  • Reduces dosage requirements by as much as 68% compared to standard, catheter-directed drug therapy.
  • Requires up to 4x less drug dosage than traditional systemic delivery. 
  • Reduces RV/LV ratio with as little as 8mg total tPA used in combination with EKOS therapy.

Superior Clot Clearance 

  • 48% greater drug absorption within 1 hour. 
  • 84% greater drug absorption within 2 hours.
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