Embozene Microspheres (US)


  • Wide range of sizes offered in 2 mL syringesFrom 40 μm to 1300 μm
  • Sold in single syringe unitsColor-coded to enhance visualization and aid in size recognition.
  • Three-year shelf lifeFrom the date of manufacture.
  • Not intended for neurovascular useSee below for a list of indications.

Precise Calibration

Offered in a broad range of carefully calibrated sizes

Procedural Control

Individually colored to enhance visualization and aid in size recognition

Large array of distinctly-sized microspheres

Sold in single syringe units

Indicated for the embolization of:

Arteriovenous malformations (A.V.M.)

Hypervascular tumors (H.V.T.), including uterine fibroids and hepatoma

Embolization of prostatic arteries (PAE) for symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

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