SmartPort+ with Vortex and Endexo Technologies


The SmartPort+ implantable port is the latest in implantable port innovation from AngioDynamics and combines two of our best-in-class technologies, Vortex and Endexo, into the port your patient deserves.

The SmartPort+ implantable port is for patients whose providers require long-term access to the central venous system for blood specimen withdrawal and administration of fluids.


The SmartPort+ implantable port improves on standard implantable ports with:

  • Vortex Technology: the port’s round chamber and tangential outlet create a flushing action within the port to hyper-cleanse the entire chamber, leading to a 73% reduction in the rate of occlusions and 69% fewer secondary interventions[1]. The round chamber allows fluid to reach all surfaces in the chamber, helping eliminate dead spaces and resisting sludge build-up, while reducing the potential for occlusions.
  • A BioFlo catheter with Endexo Technology: Endexo Technology is a permanent, non-eluting polymer that is “blended” into our proprietary BioFlo catheters. Endexo Technology is utilized throughout the catheter including the extraluminal, intraluminal and surface of the catheter tip. Endexo Technology remains present for the life of the catheter, making the catheter more resistant to thrombus accumulation[2].

To provide convenience and ease for users of the SmartPort+ implantable port and other AngioDynamics implantable ports, AngioDynamics now offers a Port Patient App for mobile devices. The app is available from Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS. It can be found by searching for “AngioDynamics” from any mobile device. The Port Patient App is a repository of useful information that is needed during medical visits, including the model of the patient’s port, maximum pressures and flow rates for their port, product support information, and important dates such as implantation and previous procedure dates.

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